As a result of a fifteen-year period during which I developed my technique further, tested the limits of possibilities and pushed boundaries and realised artistic endeavours with the flair of modern art, my work is radically different from the association one has with traditional stained glass pieces.

Personal development


The work is meant for anyone with an interest in and a passion for glass and art.

What I create is beautiful, unique, personal, of high quality, and always with an exceptionally detailed finishing touch.

Target market

For my latest pieces, I have worked together with an artistic smith, who has forged magnificent additions to my work, to get an even more distinct result.


What does the work need?

In order to do it justice, space is the most important factor. Panels, pedestals, fireplaces, lobbies, lounges, large display cases etc. tend to match the objects perfectly in terms of ambiance.

Light is another important factor.

The work's fragility makes it all the more special.

It is my ultimate goal to create beautiful, interesting work for admirers of glass art.


Happy holidays and a healthy new year!